meditation, meditating, healing, theta healing, alpha healingSuzanne will be sharing some free downloads of meditations for you to enjoy and use in your daily life.

Each meditation file is in MP3 format and, once downloaded, can be imported into your favourite media player.

To download a meditation, first make sure which internet browser you are using. Then right click your mouse on the appropriate link and choose the option as described below for the relevant browser. In all cases, make sure the extension is .mp3 otherwise you may not be able to import the file into your favourite media player.

  • Safari: Download Linked File As…
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Abundance Meditation

Connecting to prana as a force of abundance

Abundance – length: 18:24 (MP3, 21MB)

Bereavement Support Meditation

Holistic bereavement support

Bereavement Support – length: 21:42 (MP3, 24.8MB)

Chronic Fatigue Meditation

Support for chronic fatigue and adrenal fatigue

Chronic Fatigue – length: 14:26 (MP3, 16.5MB)

Multi-Dimensional Travel Meditation

Preparation for night time multi-dimensional travel

Multi-Dimensional Travel – length: 14:24 (MP3, 16.4MB)

Stress Release Meditation

Solar plexus grounding for the sensitive and stress relief

Stress Release – length: 18:56 (MP3, 21.6MB)