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Suzanne is an energy sensitive since her early memories tell her that. She holds a Masters of Science in Education for Sustainability as her first and everlasting love is for the planet and Mother Nature. She worked in conservation and botanical fields for nearly twenty years which helped her develop her sensitivity and awareness of plants, minerals, landscapes and the elements. Age 21, she has her first psychic vision and encounter with  other dimensions of existence. Due to impacting repeated bereavements, over the next two decades, her general health deteriorated which lead to many years of inner discoveries of oneness, mystical experiences and self healing.

This journey took her to professionally train at the College of Psychic Studies in London in mediumship and psychic art. She is further qualitifed in Nonviolent Communication, Reiki. She has trained with Dr Joe Dispenza in applied neuroscience, quantum physics and epigenetics. Through intense meditative practices, she experienced many more encounters with beings of other dimensions and vibrations of unconditional love.

She has worked for two years as a palliative carer at Trinity Hospice in London. There she witnessed first hand  300 or more dying processes. She is convinced that as a culture we are still far away from understanding and feeling the soul and spirit journey during life, dying and “death”. Hence, we are still not a peace with ourselves and Mother Earth.

For the last nine years, she has worked with hundreds of people, face to face, skype or distance doing chakra clearing work, spiritual counselling and giving them their soul plan reading.

She is  further training in medical chi gong and is being initiated to the Path of Pollen shamanic tradition.

“I am delighted to have met this wonderful person and have already passed her details to some of my own clients. What Suzanne brings in, helps the higher consciousness work we are currently engaged with”. N.M.R. Denmark