Suzanne Michal

Having transformed her own life from contraction to expansion after years of traumas, Suzanne surrendered to a new life based on possibilities.

This daring surrendering aligned her with her sensitive gifts of psychic and mystical awareness, spontaneous multi-dimensional clairvoyance. She continuously trains in applied neuroscience, quantum physics, epigenetic, meditation into alpha, theta and towards high gammas brain frequencies.

Her journey of expansion has taken her beyond her wildest dreams of what is possible. Her vision is of a new humanity who is heart centred, brain coherent, relaxed all the way to our cells and DNA, connected to our higher spirit-ual energy. This is her daring invitation for you to expand into this new humanity.

Suzanne lives in London with her daughter and cat. She often visits France, her country of origin.

Author & Writer

The Mystical Journey of a Letter

From her experience of curing herself from M.E. and undergoing an intense period of mystical visions after her sister died, she wrote The Mystical Journey of a Letter. The aim of the Letter is to share with others that when we are fully in our dark night of the soul, we can beyond doubt, transform our lives and evolve into Light. You can get the book from Amazon.

Taming Death. Exploring this Ultimate Spiritual Frontier

She is currently writing her second book. Her vision for this book is for it to flow as a free e-book (by end 2016), a gift for whose you are confronted by death or questioning this natural yet taboo phase of existence.

Its aim is to help those who are ready to approach this core spiritual topic for them to start unravelling certain paradigms that are blinding us into understanding really what death is!

Spiritual Coach

Suzanne has been working as an energy sensitive and spiritual coach since 2009 taking hundreds of people into deeper changes and levels of being. She uniquely combines an intuitive and channelled approach with psychic art and personal development techniques linked to applied neuroscience and epigenetics.

She taps into the energy patterns of her clients as expressed in their physical and emotional bodies and chakras.

Workshop Creator & Facilitator

Suzanne has over twenty years experience creating and running workshops. In her previous professional life, she worked internationally with children and adults organising workshops and events around conservation and sustainability.

In 2011, she started to teach intuitive and spiritual development courses and workshops.

Death Taboo Breaker

Suzanne’s calling is to break the taboo that keeps death in an unhealthy place in society and in people’s lives. She runs a monthly Death Café and finalising her book Taming Death. She is involved with Lifelines the organisation which supports people on death row.

Suzanne creates and runs workshops around death and in 2016, will launch her online courses Death: the Gift of Transformation and In-Body Consciousness.