Any session is unique as at any given time, my approach reflects you, the person I have in front of me, in who and what you are at that given moment based on your past, your present circumstances and your future potentiality.

Sessions fees are open to concession when required. Simply enquire when genuinely needed.

One hour sessions: £80

90 minutes sessions: £100

Soul plan readings – 2 hours: £160


“I feel such peace and ease having met Suzanne and having our session. It was a joy being with her, and I am inspired to acknowledge the Grace and Wisdom that moves through her. I appreciate her being a space for it and stewarding it. What a blessing for us all. I will remain in touch and look forward to more sessions together in the future, it feels inevitable. For now, I intend to be integrating and assimilating all the information, validation, affirmation and direction provided.” J.K. USA – session on Zoom