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chakras & aura balancing:

Initial session 90 mns: £100, follow on 1 hr: £80  Concession rates are available when genuinely needed.

This face to face or Skype/Zoom session is for you to receive energy and generate your own energy in order to balance the patterns that you emotionally create and hold in your chakras and aura. You will be a co-creator in this process as we will work together to put in place new patterns and new levels of awareness for your well-being.

You will leave with techniques, awareness and tools  (such as specific essential oils, Bach Flower Remedies or refer chi gong movements) for you  to use in your daily life in order to keep your new patterns in place as much as possible.


“Thank you for a really precious session, with such clarity for my way forward… so much of what I have been longing for…  what a flowing through a greater intuition. Will get the essential oils you mentioned for my chakras  to create my new space and time. So beautiful and encouraging. Thank you once again and am just listening to the recording again.” H.F. Germany. Session on Zoom



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Suzanne uses her gifts of intuition, clairvoyance and energy sensitivity to offer healing and clearing of chakras and aura. Each session is unique as it reflects what is alive in each person and any given moment. Her healing sessions are a co-creation process with higher guides and the client’s ability to empower themselves into change and take responsibility for their life.



“Suzanne has helped me greatly in my healing journey from neck down paralysis to coming out of it. I have been on a healing journey for years since my accident. Connecting with Suzanne on Skype brought a new awareness of some of my past lives and how that had impacted on this lifetime. Her energy was soothing even across the world. She highlighted and explained how I could improve energy flow in my physical body and energy centres. This really helped me be more focused and empowered in daring be more independent in my daily life. I also had a soul plan reading with her which shed great light on my personality and how to integrate some shadow aspects.

In fact, I can say that Suzanne’s guidance was my best healing”. P.B. – USA

Chakra, chakra balancing, healing, energy healing, aura, aura balancing, “I highly recommend having a chakra balancing session with Suzanne. I have never known such a profound sense of peace and balance. I had a session with Suzanne to heal, release and let go of all my fears and issue that were holding me back or that I was holding onto. After connecting to my patterns, Suzanne worked mainly with my sacral chakra and during the healing, she took me through a guided meditation which was an amazing experience. I had tears spontaneously rolling my cheeks which was obviously part of my release process but bizarrely without sadness or pain. All I felt was warmth, peace, happiness and an overall sense of renewed clarity.

Two months later, I am still calm focused and at peace. I can’t thank Suzanne enough and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend a session to anyone”. J.D. – UK



“Suzanne was so good at tailoring my chakras healing to my own journey and nature. I found it very interesting and left feeling so light and energized. Having never experience something like this I did not know what to expect and was surprised to see what a positive effect it had on my body, mind and energy. I felt so re-connected and grounded. I will definitely be returning for another session.” L.C.- UK


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