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What is a soul plan reading?

A soul plan is an interpretation of your birth name vibration. Your birth name is a sound vibration that was given to you intentionally by your parent(s).

A soul plan reading is an analysis of what is held in your name vibration in terms of conscious and unconscious  patterns that make each one of us unique. It will allow you to get clarity and understand your:

  • Challenges (life lessons)
  • Talents (abilities and strengths)
  • Goals (objectives to aim for)
  • Soul Destiny (overall purpose and highest potential)

Of course, as a human being, we always retain free will during our life time, so it is up to us how we learn, achieve, fulfill what our Soul is here to do.

In fact, most people are unaware of their Soul Plan or at best understand glimpses of it. This is why the Soul Plan Reading offers a unique, concrete, powerful window into our Soul journey.

Who is a soul plan reading for?

Have these questions came to your mind recently: “Why I am here? What am I supposed to do with my life? How can I contribute more? Why do I keep repeating the same experiences and behaviours?”

You are ready to receive your reading!

As Suzanne is also a chakras-aura clairvoyant, trained psychic artist and a energy healer, she also integrates her own skills to help clear any limiting beliefs one may hold which become revealed during a Soul Plan Reading session. She might connect with relevant chakras and also recommends the appropriate Bach Flower Remedies needed as part of your reading.

A Soul Plan Reading may be done for either individuals or in the context of relationships.

How a Soul Plan Reading works?

Everything in our universe holds its own unique vibration (thoughts, words, people, objects…), with which everything else will resonate accordingly, consciously and subconsciously.

Our name given at birth holds its own special vibration too. By its mere existence, our name, like a vibration signature, emanates into the universe its unique song and therefore attracts the people and circumstances that will enable us to fulfil our Soul Plan.

The Soul Plan Reading is derived from ancient texts such as the Sefer Yetzirah and The Zohar which explore the creation of apparent reality through sounds including words. It also utilises a method of geomatria channelled by Frank Alpen (1930-2007) in his Spiritual Numerology of Moses work.


soul plan reading, soul reading, chakra reading, aura reading, bereavement support, spiritual coaching“Thank you so much Suzanne. The details and accuracy of your Soul Plan Reading was astounding and already very much supporting me and helping me integrate a little more… especially the fool and wise! Somehow I like myself a little better for recognizing that polarity in myself.

My goodness you are a super smart and powerful woman! Thank you so very much again for my reading and the Bach Flowers remedies too. They are helping”. A.W. – UK


DNA activation, spiritual coaching, gene activation, coherence, energy coherence“Needless to say that my soul plan reading, on skype, with Suzanne was a mind-blowing experience. She did modestly, warn me that it would change my life! It has certainly transformed the way I look back with her new hindsight at my journey so far and delight at what is to come. Two weeks later, I am still slowly taking it in”. N.M.R. Denmark





flowing, surrendering, healing, spiritual healing, healing workshop, energy flowing“My soul plan reading received around 2012  from Suzanne remains one of the most potent reading I have ever got. It shook me to my core as it revealed clear and loud my full potential. I keep referring this work to anyone who is open to it”. B.R. South Africa




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