Hello unique precious you, welcome to my website


My name is Suzanne. My mission is to help you release any patterns that stand between you and your health and wealth. I offer soul plan reading, chakra balancing, aura healing and spiritual counselling.

I am both a teacher and a student. Since being in my early twenties, I have learnt and trained with many experts from Dr Joe Dispenza to local wise men and women. But in truth, my biggest teachers remain my body and life.

I am continuously learning, expanding and fine-tuning how I listen and care for my body and how I flow and structure my life. This reflects in the way that my work and my service to my clients is also continuously evolving and being refined.

I love to empower others to be their own master and own healer. I invite you to check out my YouTube channel with some inspirational sharing and FREE guided meditations.  Please do contact me for an initial FREE short assessment so that we can decide together how to best approach your personal issues and aspirations.

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