Spiritual Bereavement Counselling

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Recovering from loss or caring for someone who is dying

This spiritual bereavement counselling service is for people who have been bereaved recently or a while back. If you are caring for a loved one who is dying and in palliative care this work will be hugely beneficial for you and your loved one.

What you can expect?

Suzanne uses her intuitive and grounded presence to receive you as you are ready for bereavement counselling. As a result, you will explore, heal and integrate your loss and bereavement. There is no spiritual or religious dogma used. You will receive spiritual guidance during your bereavement counselling sessions. You will become aware of how your loss has affected your emotional and energy body. Hence, Suzanne helps you to move into deeper awareness of what is going on inside of you. She further uses into her professional experience of working as a healthcare assistant at Trinity Hospice in London for two years.

Suzanne also supports people who have had spiritual experiences around death. She will help you integrate them. This is a path of liberation and breaking the many taboos around death and spirituality.

You could further book a soul plan reading to understand your path ahead and your life’s potential after your loss.

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Testimonials & Video

“I have been suffering periods of immense grief since losing my beloved wife Sonia six months ago. Life seemed to be futile. Living an independent existence after living an interdependent life for 46 years held no joy. I visited a grief counsellor for 3 consecutive weeks with no betterment at all.

However, spending that hour or so with Suzanne was extraordinarily uplifting both spiritually and physically. Following your gentle guidance, I found myself moved to a place where so much of the grief and even anger was, for the first time, melting away. With your intuitive understanding, I felt myself  transported to somewhere where the world seemed what could be again. I found your guidance and hands-on healing profoundly moving. I left you with a spring in my step, a new optimism to start living a fulfilled life again.

And it continues today. I experience more moments of brightness and far fewer of sadness for the first time since Sonia died. Thank you so much”. N.M. – UK

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“Your work is breaking new frontiers. Thank you for the amazing session you gave me last Friday. I didn’t know what to expect.

I felt very at ease and secure as you took me through a process. The experience felt very grounding and open-hearted. I felt a great sense of release for both myself and my late dad. Thank you so much for releasing trapped energy that was linked to these dying moments.

Since the session, I feel that doorways are opening up in my unconscious mind. I am releasing all the other losses that I have experienced and ignored throughout my life. Now, I feel in right hands to unravel all this with you and free myself for good”. N.E.F. – UK

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“After the death of my partner, a friend suggested that I contact Suzanne. It coincided with the time I was to scatter his ashes.

I don’t consider myself to be the type who is normally attracted to “alternative” therapies. But from my first meeting with Suzanne I was at ease in her company. I felt completely safe to open up to her. Her expertise in a number of fields enables her to draw upon a variety of disciplines to tailor her sessions to whatever issues are arising. I undertook six sessions and none of them had the same format. As a consequence, I viewed and discerned my  grief  from many useful perspectives. Importantly, as that exploration took place, Suzanne suggested strategies and techniques to assist with the process. Whilst she didn’t ignore my difficult issues, the sessions were conducted in a positive and spirited manner throughout. As a consequence of the foregoing, I have no hesitation in recommending Suzanne”. R.K. – UK

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